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Roofs are inspected by walking the roof after climbing a ladder (or extension ladder) or drone (Part 107 license)
Honeybee can fit in crawlspaces that many inspectors can't or won't

Why Choose Honeybee?

When I was going through the home-buying process for the first time, I was stubborn and naive. I jumped in and thought I could do it all by myself. I didn't know what a home inspection was until my agent suggested hiring someone, so I chose one random company from his list. It was a panicked choice --10 days is no joke. After the inspection was completed, I received the report which made me more confused than before. I didn't understand what some of it meant because of the jargon and vague wording. There were no pictures to help jog my memory either. Now that I'm an inspector myself, I want to prevent clients from feeling the way I did. I know the stress, uncertainty, and confusion that happens during this whirlwind experience for homebuyers (and sellers). To combat this, I use common language and simple phrasing in my reports. I provide a gallery of photos with captions on what is being noted. I do my best to cultivate an atmosphere that makes clients feel comfortable, whether to ask questions during the inspection or to reach out later if they still need clarification. I may only be a small part of the home-buying experience as an inspector, but I understand the importance of my role and how it brings the client closer to their dream home.

Bonnie is the "tiny inspector" of Little Rock. If you worry about a small crawlspace opening or attic access, never fear. So long as there are no safety hazards present, Bonnie will be going in those hard to reach places that the typical home inspector cannot access.                                     

Honeybee's inspection reports are provided within 24hrs and includes a summary that prioritizes any repairs and recommendations that might be necessary. This summary is especially important for clients hoping to accomplish repairs on their own and with a limited budget. It is also instrumental in guiding the client on price negotiations. 

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