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Facemask worn inside indoors during home inspection for Covid-19 safety

What Is A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is a visual survey of the condition of the home and its components (A/C, plumbing, electric, etc), performed in a short timeframe. An inspector can be viewed as a general practitioner; a generalist. If something is found as concerning, the inspector then recommends a specialist to assess the item with their expert knowledge. An inspection is non-invasive. Walls will not be cut open, and flooring will not be removed.

The inspection report contains information that will help guide your purchase. Perhaps you realize a repair will delay your move-in timeline, and it's a dealbreaker for you. The report should also be used as a negotiation tool. What if you discover the furnace needs to be replaced? You could negotiate a lower price to accommodate the replacement, or you could request the seller to replace the furnace before you purchase the home. Your amazing real estate agent will be able to advocate for you using this report as documentation for reference.

Components are inspected according to standards for the state of Arkansas as well as American Society of Home Inspectors. Honeybee will provide a thorough inspection for the:

               - Roof
               - Exterior 
               - Electrical
               - Plumbing
               - Built-in appliances (or conveyed) 
               - Foundation
               - Crawlspace/basement
               - Attic 
               - Fireplace and chimney
               - HVAC (heating and cooling)
               - Garage or carport
               - Yard slope or grade

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