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How Did You Get That Name?

Image of bee, pollinator species

The state insect for Arkansas is the western honey bee (Apis mellifera). It is one of the commonly recognized pollinator species as well. Because Bonnie has an affinity for nature and flowering plants, Honeybee has a secondary mission of spreading the word about native plants for pollinator gardens. Native plants are ones that naturally occur in an area and are adapted for the climate -- including the soil, rainfall, and weather. As a homeowner, this means the plants rarely require watering since they are adapted to the amount of yearly rainfall. Savings! Pollinator gardens are flower beds that promote bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Did you know that even flies are pollinators?!

As an environmentally-aware company, Honeybee is paper-free and chooses decomposable swag rather than plastic pens and magnets. All clients receive a complimentary packet of wildflower seeds to grow their own pollinator garden. This year, black-eyed susan and purple coneflower seeds are in the packets. These are two native wildflowers which means the plants are adapted to our specific climate.

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