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Maradyth M

"Bonnie is a highly knowledgeable and dedicated home inspector who always takes the extra time to thoroughly inspect a property. I know my clients are in good hands when using Honeybee Home Inspection and that Bonnie will always be patient to answer any and all questions.

Kendi J

"From an incredibly thorough document summary of our home inspection, to the excellent customer service, I couldn’t recommend Honeybee Home Inspection more! We were all blown away with the time and care Bonnie took not only during the inspection, but afterwards while she went through her findings with us. And when new things presented themselves during that breakdown, she was quick to make notes and guarantee that they would be in the report. As a first time home buyer, this was the best choice we could have made. Thank you!

Rhonda F

"Bonnie is delightful and excellent to work with! I had a home inspection last week. After spending just a few minutes with her, I knew I had picked the right person for the job. The inspection report was so very thorough. It had more information than I expected and she reports it in such a way that it is easy to understand with tons of pictures and videos. The house I was looking at was an older home and I was nervous about anything "hidden" I needed to know about, but after reading the report, I felt confident that I knew everything I needed to know."

Sara S

"Honeybee Home Inspection is efficient, detail oriented, intelligent, and professional. Not only does Bonnie help homeowners to better understand their home, but her reports are so organized and helpful! Also, as a female realtor, I really appreciate the manner Bonnie speaks with both me and the clients at the walk through of the report. 10 out 10 would recommend!"

Alyndria M

"Bonnie is absolutely amazing! They provided a very detailed and thorough inspection report and walked me through what they saw and possible solutions. I'm thankful that they inspected our first home purchase and will definitely recommend their services to my family/ friends!"

Buck O

"Bonnie did an outstanding job and thorough inspection. She answered all of our questions and gave us a very detailed report. Highly recommend!"

Lydia G

"Bonnie made the inspection process easy! I was traveling during the inspection time and Bonnie was super responsive and the report provided was amazingly comprehensive. Thank you!!"

Patricia C

"We have been fortunate to have had the awesome services of Bonnie at three prospective homes and she is the only one we would ever call . She is top notch, a true Professional in all ways and knows her stuff. She is very detailed and goes the extra mile throughout her Home Inspections. She has a drone that she uses to get close up pictures of any potential problems such as high roofs with fireplaces, etc. We all know those are notorious for "leaks" and she finds them. Unknown leaks are what lead to mold issues and more. Arkansas is the #1 state in America for serious mold . She works steadily and persistently to learn what a potential homeowner needs to know before they purchase a home. From drainage issues to leaks to a dog peeing into carpet that noone would have ever seen, trust me, any potential issues within a home that even the sellers were totally unaware of, she will find it. We are most grateful to her for helping us choose the best home we could find! You wont regret having Bonnie as you home inspector."

Vicki L

"Bonnie was highly recommended by our realtor. Scheduling a home inspection with her was smooth and quick. We now also highly recommend Bonnie as her knowledge, attention to detail, honesty and past experiences were evident. She is sincerely passionate about the service and indept inspection she provides. The videos along with the final report were top notch!"

Colton E

"She’s is very good at what she does, very thorough and detailed and looks deep into everything I highly recommend!!"

Crystal G

"Bonnie did such a fabulous job with our home inspection. She was extremely thorough and did not rush the inspection process. She was very detailed in her report and even used drone footage and video to explain her report further. My husband and I will definitely be using her in the future and will refer her to others. Thank you Bonnie!"

Kkay L

"Honeybee Home Inspection LLC Bonnie is absolutely an amazing informational inspector. She is very thorough and covered things we would have never even thought about. Shes also super affordable. If we dont go forward with this house (which we love) and want but you know life 🤣 we will use her for any and every house inspection in the future! #womensupportingwomen"

 Freddie R 

"My wife and I highly recommend Bonnie! She is detailed and thorough, friendly, and quick to respond. The reports were easy to understand. Very knowledgeable!"


 Shana W 

"Bonnie was excellent. She provided a thorough and detailed report that was very easy to read. She answered all of my questions, had some great suggestions and recommendations. I highly highly recommend her."

 Jacob S 

"Amazing!! I consider myself to be pretty handy and know the basics of what to look for when purchasing a home. When it came time for the inspection, I pointed those things out to Bonnie and she already had them documented on her end. Upon receiving the report, it was very detailed and user friendly. Each "issue" had picture and video documentation along with her notes. She also spent about thirty minutes after the fact going through the inspection with my wife and I to address any concerns and answer any questions. I highly recommend!!"

 Maxim A 

"Incredibly thorough and helpful inspection report with pictures and video explanations. Provided all the information I needed to start to plan out how to renovate an old home!"

 Steffen O 

"Bonnie did an amazing job with inspecting our home! She was very thorough in her inspection as well as her explanation of her findings. My wife and I loved talking to her about local wild flowers and unique lawn ideas. Overall a great experience and would not hesitate to hire Honeybee Home inspection in the future!"

 Liz H 

"Bonnie did a spectacular job. She was very thorough and had a detailed report with photos and supporting videos. We have had several home inspections in the last ten years ... HoneyBee Home Inspection was by far the best!"

 Nick D 

"I would recommend Honeybee Home Inspections to anyone! Bonnie is very professional and informative. They were quick with scheduling and had the report back to us in less than 24 hours. The report is very user friendly with a lot of great pictures and video explanations. Will use honeybee for any and all future home inspections."

 Madeline C 

"Bonnie was easy to work and made scheduling very convenient. Her analysis in each of the pictures/videos was thorough and easily understandable. Lastly, she was extremely informative and it was a pleasure getting to learn from her and know her. I used her services twice and will again if/when I buy my next home."

 Sandie A 

"Honeybee Home Inspection is outstanding, thorough, and professional. The final report was very informative as well as beautiful. There were explanations, pictures, and even videos of noticeable problems. I would highly recommend Honeybee Home Inspection."

 J. Tyler 

"Bonnie and Honeybee Home Inspection LLC are absolutely wonderful in every way! We had two separate house inspections and Bonnie was extremely thorough completing each one, spending time to inspect the houses from top to bottom and taking very detailed photos, which included deploying a camera drone to check the roof and gutters. Honeybee's inspection reports were extremely well-organized and detailed and Bonnie completed them in record time. Amazing -I can't recommend enough! Thank you!!"

 Matt C 

"Bonnie was amazingly responsive to get us scheduled within a few days of contact. They did a very thorough inspection inside and out. Their report was easy to understand and included video explanations. You will be very satisfied to choose Honeybee for your next home purchase."

 Jo A 

"She is an absolute delight to work with. Her report was through and easy to under from a layman’s point of view."


 Shawn S 

"Bonnie was responsive, got us on her schedule within a week. She is very thorough, and took time to highlight her findings after the inspection and answered our questions. We felt confident we understood what we needed to know about the property. It was a great all around experience. Would definitely recommend Honeybee Home Inspection! Thanks Bonnie!"


 S Jones 

"Bonnie is professional, VERY thorough, and easy to work with. I trust her work and would not use anyone else. Her reports are in-depth and clear, with no stone left unturned."

 Karena M 

"Honeybee Home Inspections has been a consistent business partner - Always on time, thorough and includes VIDEO in their inspection reports! I'm proud to be in business with them."

 Karen M 

"Honeybee Home Inspection was extremely thorough. Bonnie is very competent and friendly. There’s no need to schedule anyone else. I am a very satisfied customer."


"I recently purchased a property sight unseen and Bonnie was amazing from start to finish. Her knowledge of the home inspection industry and current building codes is spot on, her customer service was top notch and her willingness to serve as an advocate was what I needed to ensure subsequent repairs were made. I highly recommend Bonnie and Honeybee Home Inspection and will be utilizing her services in the future. Thanks, Bonnie!"

 B Rezin 

"Ms. Earleywine completed a thorough and highly detailed home inspection report in a timely manner. It was invaluable in helping us decide how to proceed with our purchase decision. The photos, videos, and narratives were specific and easy to follow. I'm very glad we selected her to do our inspection.

4/7/23 addendum to prior review. Based on Ms. Earleywine's report, we withdrew our offer on the prior home---needed repairs would have been too extensive. We placed an offer on another property and Ms. Earleywine completed another excellent evaluation, identifying several areas needing attention. We used the information to negotiate with the seller, and are completing the sale on the current house. We highly recommend Honeybee Home Inspection for quick, clear, and accurate assessment of a home's condition."

 Laura F 

"Honeybee Home Inspections has helped several family members with potential & existing properties. Having purchased homes in 5 states I completely agree with what others have written. Bonnie’s verbal summary & written reports are thorough & user - friendly for educated decision making, for negotiations as well as for working with contractors to correct problem areas. I especially appreciate her clearly explaining what is most critical to do & why. As a retired family physician, I wish my peers were as thorough, thoughtful, timely & clear when we share good as well as bad news."

 Timothy G 

"Most detailed inspection report we have ever received, videos were extremely detailed and helpful."

 Robin R 

"Very thorough and responsive. High quality inspection report."

 Mary-Elizabeth C 

"Bonnie is amazing! Responded immediately to text messages and phone calls. Very easy to schedule my inspection. She was thorough and her explanations were clear and easy to understand. It was a great experience! I would definitely recommend Honeybee."

 Heather S 

"Kind & professional. Highly recommend. Highlight: she used the word "critters" in the report."

 Zack G 

"Do yourself a favor and hire Bonnie @ Honeybee Home Inspections. She is professional, reachable, prompt, and her report was in-depth and well structured. Property purchase is a multidimensional and involved process, but Bonnie was easy to work with and did a great job."

 Erika L 

"Bonnie made the home inspection process seamless. The inspection report was informative and had many options for viewing issues including a tab organized by urgency. She included many pictures and videos with further explanations. Very fairly priced as well. I would highly recommend Honeybee Home Inspection if you’re in need of a thorough and timely report!"

 Addie S 
"Bonnie with Honeybee Home Inspection came highly recommended by my real estate agent, and she has been fantastic. My fiancé and I had two home inspections done by Bonnie, and we walked away from the first house based on the inspection. The digital report is highly detailed, color-coded, and includes tons of photos and videos. Bonnie walked through the whole house with us and pointed out every maintenance item and repair that needed to be made, which was great for us as first-time home buyers. For the house we ended up buying, Bonnie's thorough inspection report helped us negotiate to make the deal work for both us and the seller."

 Wesley P 

"Honeybee Home Inspection is bar-none the most thorough, responsive, and professional home inspection company I have ever worked with. Their inspection reports included detailed videos and easy to understand explainers of what could be worked on at my property. The price was at the low end of what I was quoted by other home inspectors. Post-inspection, they have been responsive to any questions I've had about the inspection and have provided reliable contractor recommendations. I will go to them for all of my inspection needs going forward."

 Lindsay H 

"Bonnie is not only one of the most thorough, timely, and responsive inspectors that I’ve ever worked with, but also one of the most fun! She is thorough and knowledgeable when answering my client’s questions. She is punctual and timely with the inspection itself, as well as, getting the reports to my clients and myself. Now to the inspection report itself… Beautiful, easy to read and understand, and organized perfectly. I can’t say enough good things about Honey Bee Home Inspections!"

 Jill M 

"Super thorough! Super friendly! Very detailed. Could not have asked for better. Found several things that we would have never seen otherwise. Definitely recommend!! Offers numerous services that are great for your home."

 Dylan A 

"Honeybee Home Inspection was great to work with. Bonnie was easy to get in touch with and was able to schedule the inspection just a few business days out. She sent the report the next day. Her report was incredibly thorough and detailed, and I liked the software platform, which makes the report easy to read and reference. I really appreciate all the videos she included, and the thermal imaging to spot some unseen issues. I will recommend Honeybee to anyone that asks!"

 Rachel  H 
"I found Honeybee Home Inspection online and called. Bonnie answered and was so eager to answer any and all of my questions. She had an availability for the date and time I requested. She was very professional and she answered the phone for me every time I called. She completed the inspection and was very thorough. She explained to me her findings and even offered solutions on how to make the necessary repairs. If you're looking for a professional to do your home inspection, call Bonnie. You will not be disappointed."

 Mike B 
"Very thorough and detailed description of everything with included analysis. Communicative and willing to document everything under the sun for your inspection."

 Kelly H 
"Bonnie was wonderful to work with! Prompt and courteous communication on everything. Great customer service which is hard to find sometimes these days :) She went through the house very thoroughly, down to the little details which I appreciated!"

 Melissa S 
"The most thorough inspection reports I've received, and as a REALTOR, I read a lot of inspection reports. Bonnie took great care of my clients, and great care to educate us all on the findings."

 Sally M 
"Honeybee Home Inspection is the go-to home inspector in Little Rock! I love how communicative, organized, efficient and understanding Bonnie is. Great for inspecting homes you are interested in buying but also ones that you have owned for a decade to get an audit of the property. I am excited to know how my property is and what I need to prioritize. The priority list is great!"

 Sarah H 
"I would recommend Honeybee Home Inspection to anyone needing a super detailed home inspection. This is my first experience with a home inspector and she really took the time to explain her findings with me in person. I received the detailed report later that same evening - including many pictures and videos. I'm so glad I was able to help support this business! Thank you so much!"

 Kim K 
"Honeybee Home Inspections saved me thousands and from making the worst financial decision of my life. Bonnie was able to provide videos and explains where there is an issue in a way everyone can understand. She was able to quickly get me on her schedule and had a report to me impressively fast! I will definitely use Honeybee Home inspection next time (ya know bc she saved me from purchasing a hidden nightmare)!"

 Amanda S 
"Honeybee Home Inspection was absolutely amazing. They were able to work with our schedule. Rolled with the glitches because our house wasn’t quite ready when the builder said it was and they were able to squeeze us in to be rescheduled at a later date. Our inspector went above and beyond! The inspection report was very thorough. So many details were included that one might easily over look. The report also had videos during the inspection process. Many things are easier to see in motion and we really appreciate that. The report was user friendly and easy to navigate. This will be my go to company from now on! I can’t spread the word fast enough!"

 S M 
"Bonnie was great from start to finish! She was friendly, informative, and responsive throughout; we always knew where we were in the process and what to expect. The inspection report provided was thorough with lots of photos (and even a few videos), and Bonnie was happy to answer all the follow-up questions we had. She's the best home inspector we've had (and we've dealt with several over the years). We'll be calling her for all our home inspection needs from here on out!"

 C Brown 
"Excellent inspection! Bonnie provided a detailed report in less than 24 hours, including dozens of pictures and videos. As a first time home owner, I learned lots from the post-inspection discussion and walk through with Bonnie. I most appreciated how detailed the report was and that it includes an indication of how urgent or severe an issue is. Highly recommend!!"

 Summer C 
"This was by far my best experience with a home inspection. The report was clear and detailed. Thank you, Honeybee for taking such good care of my family. We really appreciate it!!"

"Look no further for an ace inspector. Bonnie is prompt, thorough and knowledgeable. Her report was available to us in under 24 hours and WOW was it detailed. She included tons of images and videos. We could not be there in person for the inspection, but we felt like we were with her use of videos/images. She also offered to call or video call us after we received the report, so we could go over it and ask questions. We were glad we took her up on that. People use the term above and beyond, but I mean it when I say that about this inspection The best example I have of that is the detailed list of priority issues she provided to us, unasked. It's very helpful to have the more urgent issues pulled out into this list to address immediately. We would not have known where to start as our house needs quite a few repairs."

 Lynn W 
"Bonnie was very thorough and professional - she caught things that a previous inspector had missed. I loved how the report I received was organized and how she walked me though it. I highly recommend Honeybee Home Inspection - you will get attention to detail and a thoughtful inspection."

 Bruce J 
"Bonnie did a great job - very thorough. I would use her again without hesitation!!!"

 Bob W 
Five stars

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