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Missing Drain Pan

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Drain pans under air handlers are key to protecting your home. This week I saw a great example of how this simple item can save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars.

This furnace was inside a hallway closet with the HVAC ducts located below in the crawlspace. Because this unit has been actively leaking for some time, there is extensive water damage on the subflooring and floor joists.

See the photo of the unit (top) vs. thermal imagery of the unit (bottom) comparison here. Thermal imagery measures temperature differences, so the colors display cooler temperatures as purple and blue and warmer temperatures as yellow and orange. The dark purple color here identifies the moisture at the base of our air handler.

Here is the video of what I found below in the crawlspace. Notice how soft the water damaged subflooring is and how discolored the wood becomes. The subflooring will need to be replaced since its strength has been compromised, and the joists will be assessed for their integrity by a specialist.

Need a thorough home inspection in Central Arkansas? Contact Honeybee at 502-501-3553!

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